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If you are using a prepaid card, please select "now"

Some Questions and Answers

Charge my card...when? What?
If you choose to charge your card "now", we will charge your card immediately. If you choose "when needed", we will only charge your card once we need the money. This could be today or it could be in six months. The idea is that you're pledging the donation now, but we won't actually take it until we need it. In either case, we will send you an e-mail to notify you that your card has been charged.
Where are my card details going?
Your card details (without e-mail) are sent to a credit card processing company that we have an account with. There, your card details will be stored, in one form or another, forever. Almost every major company (especially financial ones) operates this way, so there aren't really alternatives to this reality if an organization wants to accept credit cards. You should assume that anything else you've ever used your card at is being permanently stored in a similar manner. However, we are automatically deleting data we've stored in our system on your transaction (email, donation amount, link to your card at the credit card processor) every day if it's no longer needed. We need this data until your donation has been charged, after which we try to clean up on our end as much as possible. But, as you can tell by now, this is not a perfectly secure system and no matter what we do, we can't erase the link between your card and our organization.
Ugh! Now you've made me paranoid! What can I do to stay private?
If you're using your personal debit/credit card, nothing can be done to make your transactions totally private. However, you can use this form with a Vanilla Prepaid Card that you can buy with cash in many places. If using a prepaid card, please select the option to charge your card "now" and be sure to first login to your prepaid card account online after purchasing the card to set your "zip code" which you'll need to fill out our form. Any valid 5-digit U.S. zip code will work, but it must be set on your prepaid card account first before you can use it here.
I'm using Tor and I can't enter my card details!
The part of the form that takes your card details uses Javascript, so Javascript will need to be enabled for it to work. You can enable Javascript on this site by clicking "Temporarily allow all this page" on the NoScript button in the upper left corner of your Tor window.
Do you accept Bitcoin?
No, but we're working on it.
Are there other ways to donate?
Yes, please e-mail us to arrange other ways to donate. If you use a free Protonmail account, your e-mail with us will be encrypted.
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